Friday, July 16, 2010

Teacher Barbie

Well, I decided that it's high time I start my back to school countdown. I walked into Walmart this evening and saw all sorts of these. . .

Which if you know me, the sight of school supplies should induce an absolute giddy state! (I know it's weird but it's totally a teacher thing!) It was such a bitter sweet moment though! I LOVE office/school supplies but the fact that those are in the store means summer is almost over. BOO! In fact I officially only have 23 days left before I'm one of these again. . .

We have been having A LOT of rain lately! Tonight was no different but the clouds rolling in were exquisite! These pictures are the reason I love living in Oklahoma!

(And no worries I did not take these as I drove. Traci was riding shot gun and snapped them for me!)

Also, I have a question. I am currently in the process of looking for a new car. Anyone have any suggestions? I would prefer an SUV but I am open to whatever! Thanks!!!

Have a blessed and super fun weekend!



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  1. Michael and I have been talking about cars and we like the Nissan Murano's, Honda Pilots and 4-Runners!!