Friday, July 30, 2010

Only Prettier

WARNING: The following post is RANDOM!!!!

I have decided that I have a VERY blessed life! I have an A-Mazing family, Wonderful friends, and the Lord blesses me daily!!!! Can I get an AMEN! I am at a place in my life that I truly am excited to see what the future holds and how the Lord is going to bless me and allow me to be a blessing!

I had the pleasure (although it was EXHAUSTING!!! I have NO idea how the mothers of toddlers do it) of hanging out with this little cutie for the last two weeks while his mom was at a training in Maryland. Isn't he the cutest thing (except when he won't nap; then he's not so cute!)!!!!

Estelle the X-Terra had to go to the spa this last Wednesday for a treatment! When I took Estelle in I made cookies for the inside and the outside guys that work there. Let's just say that the old saying "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach" is TRUE!!! I will be bringing some sort of treat from now on when Estelle goes in! The super sweet man who sold me Estelle set it up so I would have wheels for the day! I had NO idea what I would be driving. Well, meet Vinnie the Versa! I think Vinnie is a cutie! It was weird being so low to the ground though!

On Thursday I was scheduled to watch Cason and the family that I am watching and tutoring on Wednesdays and Fridays had no one to watch their kids and had to be at work, so Cason's parents graciously let me take him to their house! Thus, I had the 4 Mershon children, Cason, and one of the twin's friends that day! Let's put it this way, unless the Lord calls me to I WILL NOT BE HAVING 6 KIDS!

Cason and I had to be there at 7:30 (he was wide awake once I put him in the car) and the older kids were still asleep. We hung out in the family room and he did this for the majority of the morning...

He's looking at the "dooggies." It was precious, it made me wish I had an iPhone with video! He would bark! I started asking him what noises other animals make and my fave was the monkey he would make a monkey sound and do the motions! Too cute!

That morning I also found something interesting in my leggings!

That's right ladies and gents it's a cheerio! Ha! I have a feeling Mom's of toddlers have things like this happen a lot!

This last week my sister showed me a new Miranda Lambert song "Only Prettier!" LOVE IT!!! It's the video below!

And last but definitely not least I will leave you with probably the CUTEST picture of the CUTEST little baby boy you will EVER see! The photo is courtesy of his beautiful mother's facebook (I hope she doesn't mind that Aunt Jaime stole it!) We have our first one on one playdate next week so his Momma can get her hair did! Be jealous that I get to spend an afternoon with him!


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Meet my new blog!

I primped the blog a bit tonight! She needed a pick me up! We are aiming for fab not plain! Also, I wanted to disclaimer that the photos above are Marilyn Monroe not me! I didn't want anyone getting confused! ;) HAHAHAHAHA!!!! As If!!!!!

A few of my beautiful sorority sisters were doing this so, I thought I’d join in the fun!

A. AREA CODE : 918

B. BED SIZE: Full, and I sleep right in the middle!

C. CHORE YOU HATE: I hate vacuuming and sweeping the floor.

D. DOG'S NAME: Boone Pickens Lee! (Yes, we are huge OSU fans!) He is the most precious Corgi!

E. ESSENTIAL "START THE DAY!" ITEM: Music and a REALLY hot shower!

F. FAVORITE COLOR: Pink is my signature color!

G. GOLD OR SILVER: Both, I mix them! They are neutrals it’s allowed!

H. HEIGHT: 5' 5"


J. Job: The BEST in the world! High school history teacher! I get to spend my days with some of the COOLEST kids in the world! You should be jealous!

K. KIDS: I hope someday!

L. LIVING ARRANGEMENTS: With my parents and little sister! I refuse to live alone and all my friends are married!


M.MOM'S NAME: Meley Marie

O. OVERNIGHT HOSPITAL STAY: When I had to have my gallbladder out and then two weeks after that when I had complications from that surgery. It was an Awesome summer let me tell you!

P. PET PEEVE: When people assume things about me because I’m girly, smoking-YUCK!, know it all people, Liberals.

"My colors are blush
and bashful...I have chosen two shades of pink; one is much deeper
than the other."


S. SIBLINGS: Traci, she is 19! And getting ready to start college next month! I’m so proud but feel super old!

T. TIME YOU WAKE UP: During the school year - 5:45 or 6 (it depends on whether I’m being good or not), during the summer – whenever I feel like it!


V. VEGGIE YOU DISLIKE: Tomatoes and onions

W. WAYS/REASONS YOU ARE LATE: I’m high maintenance! I always think I can leave at the time I’m suppose to be there I know that is crazy but what can I say!

X. XRAYS YOU'VE HAD: Mostly at the dentist!

Y. YUMMY FOOD YOU MAKE: I LOVE to cook and bake! I can’t wait to have the daily wifey duty of cooking!

Z. ZOO ANIMALS YOU LIKE: I LOVE high school Freshman!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Future Mrs Lane!

I must start this post with a bit of a confession! If you know me and watch Big Brother then this will not come as a surprise AT ALL! I have to confess that I have a little crush, on Lane! HA!
He is SUCH a cutie pie! Did I mention he's a southerner? Oh, and he played college football? I know! It's like we were created for each other! If I were on the show this season we would definitely be having a showmance!

I made a really big purchase this weekend! I now feel like a REAL adult! Ha! I bought a car!!!!
It's a 2010 Nissan Xterra! Here I am Saturday night right after I made the purchase! (I just noticed but I totally am matchy matchy with the X.)
Here is a better picture of just her! I really need to come up with a name for her! I was thinking Estelle? Anyone have any suggestions? I put tire valve covers on her that have diamonds on the top. I feel like she's now wearing earrings! I will have to search for her some pearls!

I found out on Tuesday that I officially have to have my tonsils out! I think it will be a lot better in the long run it just makes me nervous now! As I am sitting in the exam room (which was on the 13th floor for those of you who know how much I LOVE elevators!) discussing what would be done the doctor says and I quote "it's the worst surgery I could preform on an adult." As you can imagine that made me SUPER excited and I wanted to sign up ASAP! I know everything will work out for the best and am praying that it will! If you wanted to say a little prayer as well I would be stoked! Thanks!!! Oh, and I asked him if he would take a picture after they were out so I could post it on my blog! Ha! He said if I had a camera to take them with he would so, I will post those when I have it done! I know you are totally pumped for that post!

Tonight I had some LONG over due girly time with Mysha and Ellarie! We went and had pedis and ate at Hideaway! (You can't even tell she is 26? weeks in this pic! She is such a cute preggo!)

As we left the restaurant I remembered I wanted to take a picture so, I asked a woman waiting for her to-go order if she minded taking it. She obliged and proceeded to ask what the occasion was. Mysha and I looked at each other with an "obviously she wasn't in a sorority" expression! HA! Since when does it need to be an occasion for someone to take a picture! (I also think that I should clarify that I DO NOT wear that white belt everyday of my life. I have worn it a total of twice, it just so happens that I took pictures both nights!)

I hope your week is FULL of God's blessings!!!!!!



Friday, July 16, 2010

Teacher Barbie

Well, I decided that it's high time I start my back to school countdown. I walked into Walmart this evening and saw all sorts of these. . .

Which if you know me, the sight of school supplies should induce an absolute giddy state! (I know it's weird but it's totally a teacher thing!) It was such a bitter sweet moment though! I LOVE office/school supplies but the fact that those are in the store means summer is almost over. BOO! In fact I officially only have 23 days left before I'm one of these again. . .

We have been having A LOT of rain lately! Tonight was no different but the clouds rolling in were exquisite! These pictures are the reason I love living in Oklahoma!

(And no worries I did not take these as I drove. Traci was riding shot gun and snapped them for me!)

Also, I have a question. I am currently in the process of looking for a new car. Anyone have any suggestions? I would prefer an SUV but I am open to whatever! Thanks!!!

Have a blessed and super fun weekend!



Thursday, July 15, 2010


So, I received my most recent eBay purchase in the mail this afternoon.

That is right ladies and gentlemen! I am going Insane! Ha! I will be really honest here just reading through the material made me sweat. I think success will be if I make it through these workouts with out dying! It is printed on the material no less than 10 times that you should check with your doctor before beginning this exercise program! Ha! I'll post before and after pics when there is an after! Ha! I am really excited! I think this program will be quite a challenge!

On a completely different note I am SUPER excited about Show Us Your Life Friday over at Kelly's Korner! It's show us your great single guys! This single girl is totally stoked! I hope there are some super cutie Oklahoma boys!

Hope your week is going splendidly!


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dress Decision

OK, I need your help! One of my cousins in getting married in December. Yes, I am aware that it is July but the two dresses I found were incredibly inexpensive and I LOVE them! Anyway I found a SUPER cute cocktail dress that I adore and that will look super cutie with black tights and black heels (remember the wedding is in December!). The only problem is there was a purple one and a red one (same exact dress just in two different colors). I CAN NOT decide. I love them both! Please Help! I am going to post a picture of both of them and would appreciate your two cents! Thanks a bunch!!!

Option 1 Red

Option 2 Purple



Recent Happenings!

I feel like the only entertainment that I have had in the last few weeks have been movies, whether at the theater or Redbox (which has become quite an addiction!). I'm totally ok with it, I LOVE movies I just hope that the ticket people don't start calling me by name, and I have resorted to going to different Redbox locations so I don't look like SUCH a loser!! Ha! I went with some of my lovelies to see Eclipse! It was AWESOME!!!! By far the best movie so far and it was my fave book also.

Aren't my girls the cutest! They are such fun to be around and clearly super sweet to let their old teacher hang out with them. (Side note: I am always so irritated when people think i'm a student and then I see a picture like this and I totally understand. I DO look like a student. Oh my!)

Here is another pic with more of my cutie pies!

The next night Traci and I went and saw Grown Ups, which was hilarious! There was a scene when Kevin James is in a wet suit in his back yard above ground pool and breaks the side and water goes everywhere. I was crying I was laughing so hard!

Aren't we such pretty sisters!

The next night I went to Los Cabos with two of my faves! Tama and Jill. Good girlfriends are such a blessing!

This week was my Bestie's 25th birthday! Kendall (her husband) threw her a surprise birthday. She is SO amazing and is such a blessing to so many people! I made C's cake! It was my first attempt at a two tier cake.

I think it turned out pretty well for my first!

Here she is blowing out her candles!

Love you C! Happy 25th!!!!! (I look SO tall in this pic! I'm not, C is fun size!)

I have had some really good qt with family and friends! Tonight Traci, my mom Marie, and one of my mom's sisters Betty went to Ross and El Tequila!

Traci was taking the picture. She refused to be in it!