Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dress Decision

OK, I need your help! One of my cousins in getting married in December. Yes, I am aware that it is July but the two dresses I found were incredibly inexpensive and I LOVE them! Anyway I found a SUPER cute cocktail dress that I adore and that will look super cutie with black tights and black heels (remember the wedding is in December!). The only problem is there was a purple one and a red one (same exact dress just in two different colors). I CAN NOT decide. I love them both! Please Help! I am going to post a picture of both of them and would appreciate your two cents! Thanks a bunch!!!

Option 1 Red

Option 2 Purple




  1. OH PURPLE!!!!! I am in LOVE with the Purple!!!!!!

  2. The red is beautiful, but since it's a December wedding, I imagine other people will be in red, so I'm going to vote for purple!

  3. i like both, but i love red on you- it's so sassy!