Saturday, November 19, 2011

Proud and Immortal, Bright shines your name!!!

So, it has been a tough few days in Cowboy Nation. My heart breaks for the families of those lost and the University as a whole. After such a great loss I was excited that we would have such an easy win. A little pick me up for a hurting group. Well, that was not in the cards for Oklahoma State! And while watching our undefeated season and our chance of competing for the National Champion slip away was horrid, nothing puts things into perspective like the loss of life. One of my sorority sisters posted this AMAZING article on FB. I want to share it. I cried as I read it. Oklahoma State and its people are a special breed. Its like explaining to someone who wasn't in a Sorority the bond you have with your sisters. I think it is best explained with a quote I've heard a few times, "From the outside looking in you can never understand it. From the inside looking out you can never explain it."

I'll leave you with the quote that one of my pledge sisters' had as her status...

Orange is that day that you moved into the dorms with a bunch of people you'd never met. It’s meeting those friends that would stick with you for life. It's "don't look at the arc", house decks and walk-arounds. It’s wearing orange the Friday before the first game & every Friday after that. It’s KURT BUDKE, MIRANDA SERNA, Barry Sanders, John Smith, Garth Brooks, Mike Gundy, Eddie’s you and me. Orange is putting your arm around the shoulder of the stranger next to you to sing the Alma Mater. It’s making the switch to saying “Power” instead of “Orange.” It’s remembering Lewis Field & admiring Boone Pickens Stadium. It’s knowing that it’s left hand up to make an “S.” Orange is when it’s good for a Cowboy First Down and Ten. Orange is Pistols Firing – Touchdown Oklahoma State. It’s “...O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A Oklahoma STATE” no matter where you are when the state song is played. It’s the big smile on your face when you walk past the orange fountain. It’s going back to the place you worked in college & remembering it as the best job you ever had even though it paid the least. It’s a cabinet full of Joe’s cups. Orange is knowing that it’s time to go home when you hear “New York, New York” or “Shoulda Been a Cowboy.” Orange is the one you tried to let down easy & the one you’ll never forget. Orange is wanting to get out of Stillwater for four years & spending the rest of your life wanting to go back.

Proud and Immortal, Bright shines your name. Oklahoma State, We herald your fame. Ever you’ll find us, Loyal and
true. To our Alma Mater O – S – U!!!

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