Sunday, November 6, 2011


So, yesterday I lived through 2, yes you read that right, 2 earthquakes! The first hit around 2:15am and of course I was still awake. I thought it was a loud truck driving by and boy was I wrong! When the bed started shaking I had two thoughts... paranormal activity, or earthquake! HAHA! Since when does Oklahoma have earthquakes! Then last night around 11pm we had the biggest earthquake in Oklahoma history a 5.6, which according to the Richter scale wikipedia page, was a moderate earthquake. My mom and I had just finished watching the OSU game (I know, I know... rough game) and we thought we were hearing a loud gust of wind (and yes we have that strong of wind gusts!)... then the walls and pictures started shaking. It was SO scary! I can't imagine living through a ground splitting lots of damage earthquake. Truth be told I didn't even know what to do. Since preschool I have had tornado precautions preached at me. Never have I had earthquake precautions taught to me. I plan on doing a little research and covering it in class. I think that Mother Nature needs to choose... Oklahoma has tornadoes or earthquakes, only one though! Here is a funny video that one of my pledge sisters posted on FB! Watch his eyes! Haha!

How about that game last night? I mean seriously I thought my heart might give out. Glad we won but that was painful! And to top it off Bama lost. REALLY!!! Stupid Les Miles. Have a blessed week Lovelies!!!

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