Monday, September 19, 2011

Birch Box

So, obviously I have totally slacked on the 30 day challenge. I do have a VERY valid excuse though. With the weather being in between seasons it's hard to couple the seasons in 1 challenge. So, this week I am going to start over and do a Fall 30 days. This will not start until Wednesday because I am a little under the weather with a two day 100 degree fever thus that will be the next day I actually get up and dress. Due to the said fever and absence from school I have been in the lounging position all day. I did find a few nuggets! My fave I found on the cute little blog It's called a Birch Box, you can check it out here ( It is a box that arrives mid month full of beauty samples for only $10 a month! If you know me you know I LOVE to play with new products, and this feeds my addiction and doesn't break my wallet! I'll post pics when the first box arrives!!! I am SSSOOO excited!!!


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