Sunday, October 24, 2010

Since August!

Well, first I should apologize for my lack of blogging. Life Happened! Y'all know what I mean! Ha! I really want to keep up with this blogging thing, so that I can remember what went on! I heard a song today on the radio. It's a George Strait song that is written around the quote "Life's not about the breaths you take it's about the moments that take your breath away!" It's SO beautiful! (I added it below)

It's so true though. I have been inspired to start blogging about those moments! Which I must say I feel like I am blessed with A LOT of! So, here are all my MOMENTS since August!!! (BE WARNED a lot of my moments have to do with my students! Just remember they are my career, my husband, and my children! HA!)

One of my AMAZING seniors Makenzi decided after the death of a Sapulpa football player (they were our second game of the year) that Bixby, knowing tragically what it was like to lose a student, should step up and do something. Makenzi, her awesome and supportive mom Debbi, and a lot of selfless Bixby kiddos pulled together and sold shirts with the boy who died football number on it (#15). They ended up selling over 900 shirts and raising around $1500 for the family! I was and am SSSOOO proud! Bixby really does have the MOST amazing kids!!!!

Makenzi is the third pretty blonde from the left! Aren't my students all so beautiful!

These are a group of my Freshman. I made them take this photo with me so we will have it when they are seniors, which I know will be all too soon!

The next two pictures are just randoms from the Sapulpa game!

Our first pep rally of the year was for our 1st home game. We played the Mustang Bruins. The seniors decided that they wanted to do something different and fun at lunch on the day of the 1st pep rally to show school spirit. They decided to get a "horse" pinata for each lunch. (And yes they are donkeys but it's the thought that counts!)

And yes this is mostly seniors (as in a bunch of 18 year olds) fighting to get their fair share of candy!

The seniors this year have totally stepped up and are making their mark on BHS! They won the first pep rally's coveted Spirit Stick, which also happened to be the first time that the class of 2011 had ever won it! Can you tell they were excited!!!

There has been a baby boom in my life over the past year. Having a baby seems to be the thing to do! We recently celebrated the upcoming arrival (tomorrow to be exact) of Miss Ellarie Paige Hillman! I can't wait to meet her! We had a blast at her and Mysha's baby shower. She is a very BLESSED little girl! There are a lot of people anxiously waiting to love her.

My Bestie and Mr Conley came to play at the shower as well! Isn't he the CUTEST baby boy you have EVER seen? I know right!!! (He does look a little scared in this picture though! Ha!)
We had an 80s night at Switch! As you can see it you look around the backgrounds of the pics that the adults got WAY more into it than the youth!

And then it was Homecoming (and one of my fave parts of working at a high school; SPIRIT DAYS, which included my favorite spirit day NERD DAY)!!! Homecoming is a very special thing to this Oklahoma State sorority girl! The seniors OUT DID THEMSELVES!!!! I am SSSOOO PROUD of them! They literally impressed my socks off! They are SUCH hard workers!

I love that the starting line of Bixby football dresses up as well!

The seniors awesome hallway! There was a video at the end. I'll post it here later!

The first place float!
The BEAUTIFUL Homecoming Queen and myself! She is such a sweetheart!

This gorgeous sunset happened the night I took some maternity pictures! God is Good! Scenes like this are SUCH a blessing!!!
Look who found me at the Bixby Owasso game! I can't believe he's a senior! WOW, I really am old!
And I'll leave you with this awesomeness! Can someone say SPIRIT! They make me smile!!!!


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