Sunday, October 31, 2010

No Make Up November

Tomorrow is the start of No Makeup November! Let me explain. The fabulous girls at Bixby High school started the tradition a few years ago. It is taking a month from wearing make up to remind ourselves that God makes us beautiful not the goop we put on our faces, and that your heart is truly what makes a woman stunning! One of my students put it best when she said it's a month of good old humility. Though it is a student driven tradition I feel like I am suppose to participate this year. I am super excited and super nervous to start this journey! If you know me you know this is NOT going to be easy! I feel though that God has some awesome lessons for me in the next 30 days! Keep me in your prayers!



  1. I love it! And you look beautiful ALWAYS - make up or no make up!

  2. I think this is fantastic!! Let us know how it turns out.
    Agree with Katie.. you are gorg! with or without makeup!

  3. Hi! I just randomly stumbled upon your blog and saw the name "Bixby." I'm originally from OK and now teach in MO; I really like this idea. My boys always do "no shave November," but this sounds like a nice idea for the ladies! :)