Friday, August 13, 2010

Ridin Dirty

School started this week. I had to report on Monday and the kiddos joined us teachers on Thursday! This time of year is always a little bittersweet for me. I LOVE summer and all the free time I have but I also LOVE being with my students. I am SO blessed! I LOVE my job!

Today STUCO held Mudfest, a little back to school soiree!
Here is what I saw as I walked up!

Some of my favorite girlies after enjoying the mud!

I wore old clothes in case the desire to play in the mud was too great to resist. I DO NOT like getting dirty, so I assumed that the temptation would NOT be there! I should have known that it didn't matter if I WANTED to join in on the mudding or not! I was "hugged" more than I ever have been! I was given a mud hat (that ended with my hair looking like I had dreads). I was pushed and pulled into the mud and various puddles! It was fun though! I ended up playing Mom and hosing everyone off!

This is before i was attacked for the 17,oo0 time! My hair may never be the same again!

I had a TON of fun with kiddos and look forward to an awesome year ahead!!!


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