Monday, June 14, 2010

A bad case of Mexicoistis

So, I have officially been sick for 17 years! OK, not really but it feels close. I decided to make myself feel better by posting about my Cancun trip! I was a little scared about going because it was my sister's senior trip, which means I would be attending a Cancun vacation with students (all of whom just graduated) and their parents! I had nothing to worry about! It ended up being super fun!!! We attended a market one morning and it was HOT! OMG, like August in Oklahoma HOT! The people were (how do I say this nicely?) VERY friendly!!! We bought a few Cancun musts. . .

This sweet woman was selling "handmade" bracelets. I think the girls I was with spend most of their money on the bracelets. It was SUPER hard saying no to them. Look at that baby's face! SO CUTE!!!!

This is what the outside part of the market looked like!
This older man was sitting outside the market. I thought it was a cool picture. (I should add that I asked before I took it!)
Kassidy, Lauren, and Traci. My little sister (Traci) and her two best friends!and then headed back to the resort in the Taxi cab from HELL. For those who have had the misfortune to ride in a car with me as a passenger I am what would be considered an extremely nervous rider. This guy got a few choice words from me and I'm pretty sure I bruised one of the boys legs with my grip.

It really was a blast! There was 34 of us so you can imagine that we were "known" around the resort. I heard "Oh, you're one of those Bixby kids," like a million times. And yes they thought I had just graduated.

Here is the view from our hotel room!

Here is what the windows in the hallways looked like. That is right! There is no glass just a hole cut out of the wall.
Here is the beautiful pool! We spent most of our time here, because of the aforementioned heat!
Here is the lobby of our hotel. To the left you can see that, like the "windows" in the hallway, there was no front door to the hotel just a large opening.
Here we are celebrating Traci's 19th birthday! We went to a traditional Mexican restaurant. It was interesting!
The beautiful beach on our last night there.
OK, now I have made myself sad and I want to go back! It really was beautiful!