Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bestie Play dates and Sh*t My Dad Says!

First of all, HAPPY 3rd ANNIVERSARY Candace and Kendall! I can't believe it's been 3 years! I know there will be many more!!!

So, yesterday I got to have a long awaited play date with my Beautiful Bestie and her handsome son! Aren't they so gorgeous! The Johnsons made a beautiful baby!!! I was thinking about the last time it was just C and I and well, it's been awhile. With Conley's arrival and my trip and subsequent sickness we haven't had a play date in what seems like YEARS! It was REALLY great for just the 3 of us to hangout! The summer always reminds me of Candace because we met at church camp during the summer! She is one of the greatest blessings the Lord has ever sent my way! She is such an amazing example of what a friend, wife, and now mother should be! Thanks for being the Best Bestie Ever!!!!

On a less sappy note! Y'all have to read the book "Sh*t my Dad Says." It is super crude but oh so funny! I literally can't control my laughter sometimes! Justin, the author, was on Chelsea Lately the other night and he announced that they were going to make a sitcom from the book. Starring none other than Will Shatner. I AM PUMPED!


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