Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Beauty Products

So, since I am sitting at my laptop on my 7th (8th is tomorrow and 10th for the year) snow day I decided I am going to share a few new beauty products that I have been using and loving lately. If you know me well then you know I LOVE new beauty finds. It was so bad that in college my sorority sisters would not let me go to the beauty aisle at Walmart. Haha! OK, so the first is a new teasing brush that I saw someone use on a beauty blog. It's a simple Conair brush that I purchased at Walgreens for around $3.oo.
I posted this on Twitter and said that I have had senator's wife hair since I purchased it. Let's just say that I am serious! There was a point that I felt like maybe I should comb a little of the tease out because my hair was SO big. That means A LOT coming from me! I LOVE BIG HAIR!!!

The second product that I am loving recently is Banana Boat's Summer Color, which is a self tanner.
I bought this at Ulta and it was around $7.00 or $8.00, which is what I normally pay for drug store self tanners. This tanner is different though. It is AMAZING!!! One of the office ladies recommend it and now I have to pass this little jewel along! Hope you choose to try these goodies and love them!



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